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we are just waiting for the oneday that we can finally restore it but it will b a long time.
Views: 938 | Added by: Riycou | Date: 12/06/08

Well as time goes by and anime come out and things in our life happen priority get pushed back (way back) and we forget to do things so if you still check here regularly thank you but its been a while since we last posted any thing. i suspected it would end like this. me in 12th grade and EAF working. sometimes hanging out with your friends is sometimes much more fun than sitting in front of a computer and encoding, freaking out about why its not coming out right, then having to upload it then seed it then just more stuff that happens. after doing this for a while it gets just boring so with each of our lives going ahead ill say ill see you around on the net i go by riycou on every site that you might see if you find riycou just hit me with a post or a pm or what ever the site has. remember just because we are not posting doesn't mean we dont want to its because we are more restricted in what we do since we had the site requested b ... Read more »
Views: 1321 | Added by: Riycou | Date: 11/06/11

The details behind the disappearance of this site for a few days, will not be dwelved on. But to put it bluntly.

We will prevail and the site shall return to its former glory!

Views: 14873 | Added by: EAFAnime | Date: 11/04/03 | Comments (61)


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